We remain busy with our daily lives with work, commute, running errands, taking care of family members and doing chores. While we’re at it, our minds become exhausted and it’s necessary to find some source of entertainment and the most popular method of family entertainment is watching TV. Although some people may find it apparently useless, but it can also be educational and informative. While some contents allow us to learn and know interesting things, there are some renowned TV contents that actually provoke our thoughts and makes our minds to not only think, but also learn continuously and expand our knowledge base.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

This is a docu-series which is a follow-up to Carl Sagan’s famous and award-winning TV series ‘Cosmos’. Neil deGrasse Tyson narrates this very informative and mind opening series with interesting explanations about how space and time works. How our world works and how the bodies in the space interact with each other are explained with scientific reasons in an easy and understandable way. It has been critically acclaimed worldwide and viewed by more than 135 million people.

Lost Worlds

For the people who love archaeological findings and are into knowing more about our history, ‘Lost Worlds’ is a perfect fit. The world has seen many civilizations rise and fall and there are many cultures built around it. Our past happenings have shaped the world to the situation as we see today. The worlds which once thrived but lost as of now, has been a key indicator in naming this series ‘Lost Worlds’. This series takes the viewer to a journey of recreating those worlds visually and explaining more information in an organised way.

The Brain: A Secret History

One of the most fascinating things the world has seen is the human mind, more precisely the human brain. The world as we know it, has reached this level of technological advancement and innovative civilization with all the inventions, discoveries and medical science wonders has become possible only because of the sheer power of the human brain. It’s a secret that has intrigued scientists for long and this series takes a deeper look into how our brains function and work and puts things into a bit more understandable perspective.

Above is a very short list of mind-widening TV content. There are a lot of other interesting TV series and documentaries out there which expands our mind’s horizon of learning.

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