How to Set Up A Home Office

For many people, the best place where they work from has become their home. There are a lot of reasons, freelancing, medical condition, remote work, or simply the fact that you prefer to work from home and you do it that way. Whichever the case is, a home office should be a balance between comfort and functionality. Keeping this in mind, here are some tips which can help you to set up your home office. Read more

What’s the Best TV For You

When you’re planning to buy a new TV, you should do a thorough market research before taking the final decision. While doing so, it’s natural to take reviews from friends and family. However, the market situation might be different as now there are so many options available. To narrow down your search and minimise confusion, let’s have a look at the most important questions –
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A brief history of Australian Television

We’ve seemingly taken modern technology for granted, but reaching this level of advancement had been a memorable journey. Knowing about how things happened to be how it is today is a privilege and it is also satisfying. TV as we see today, has had an interesting journey in Australia. The history and progress have been briefly outlined below.

How it all began

The year was 1956 when the first television started to operate in Australia. It was a black and white TV. Read more

ASAP TV AV & ANTENNAS – Don’t Miss Out, Just Because You Live in a Black Spot Area! Ask us About VAST TV

Don’t Miss Out, Just Because You Live in a Black Spot Area!

For some people living in remote or rural areas, some of the luxuries most Australians take for granted, like television reception, is unavailable. Terrain such as mountains and distance from the closest transmitter can mean that even with a professional antenna installation, regular television is not possible.

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