Don’t Miss Out, Just Because You Live in a Black Spot Area!

For some people living in remote or rural areas, some of the luxuries most Australians take for granted, like television reception, is unavailable. Terrain such as mountains and distance from the closest transmitter can mean that even with a professional antenna installation, regular television is not possible.

There is a solution and even better, it’s free! It’s called VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television) and once you’ve been approved, you’ll be given a set top box and satellite dish that once installed will give you access to all 5 free to air digital networks available.

What channels can I pick up using VAST?

  • ABC – including speciality channels for Comedy, Kids, and News
  • SBS – Including specialty channels Food Network and Viceland
  • Seven – Including 7Two, 7Mate, 7Flix, and Racing
  • Nine – Including 9GEM, 9Go!, 9Life, and Extra
  • Ten – Including Eleven, One, TVSN, and Spree TV

While watching television has had its share of criticism regarding its value, it can offer social benefits, especially to people in isolated areas. Allowing people, the opportunity to stay in touch with news and current affairs, expand their world view via documentaries, and give children access to early learning educational programs.

Ask us About VAST TV

VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television) is an Australian government incentive that funds and provides television access to people living in area where they are unable to receive free to air digital television reception using a regular antenna installation.

ASAP can assist you in getting approval for the VAST scheme along with supplying the satellite dish and set top box that is required. You’ll also need us to do a professional installation of the equipment so that you too can access the same free to air television as anyone who has a regular quality antenna installation. We are based on the Gold Coast and serve most regional surrounding areas that are affected by mountains or distance from the local transmitter.

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