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A modem is a piece of hardware that is required to access the internet. The most commonly used type of modems is the DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) and the ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network). Both types offer high-speed broadband connectivity.

A modem sends and receives signals via a satellite, cable, or telephone line, and converts the signal to data.

The most frustrating problems for most people are slow internet speed and intermittent internet connection.

The most common problem people typically have with their modem is connection speed. If your internet is going slow, it’s likely because you are too far away from the router. If your modem is in a different room from your computer and you’re unable to get closer, try and position the modem higher and away from other devices.

Lack of bandwith can be another cause of slow internet speed. This is usually the result of many people in your household using internet at the same time. This can happen easily, especially with smart tv’s and access to services such as Netflix. Disconnect any devices that you aren’t using to see if that helps. If not, you may not have a fast-enough speed to meet your needs.

Don’t confuse your modem with your router! A router is the hardware device that connects multiple computers in your home or office. The modem then connects the entire network to the internet. Some people have a combined modem and router.

Our additional services including antenna installation

Don’t forget the rest of your home! If you’ve spent money on a great large screen television, we can make sure your antenna installation is up to the job. We offer a range of services for homes as well.

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