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Transform Your Home or Office with Our Home Theatre Installations

A home theatre can be a great addition to a home or an office and at ASAP we can help you realise the potential in virtually any size room. This blog uncovers some of the uses as well as the benefits of having a home or office theatre installation.

For your Home

A home theatre installation is great for creating a room for your kids to relax in and enjoy. Not only will you save money on movie tickets (a cost that can add up quickly when you have a couple of kids), you’ll know where you kids are, and you don’t have to drive them or pick them up.

A home theatre isn’t just for the kids though, adults can enjoy a realistic theatre experience without having to leave home. No need to book a babysitter and arrange transport to and from the movie theatre.

Digital TV has changed the way we consume visual entertainment in Australia. With the affordability of smart tv’s and free to air television, the viewing options are seemingly endless.

For the Office

Give your business a professional look by installing a theatre in your office boardroom. Have quality audio and visual is the best way to make your presentations look stunning to potential clients. It’s also a great way to present in-house training for your team.

More than just antenna installation

The team at ASAP have all the experience and knowledge to transform any size home or office into a theatre experience to fit your lifestyle and needs. Our experts can advise you on the best sound system to use, mount or install speaker, mount your television on a wall, and do antenna installation.

Having trouble with television reception in your Gold Coast home or office? With our quick and affordable antenna installation, we’ll make the picture crystal clear for you.

With all our installations, you’ll get a professional and clean installation. Where possible we’ll keep cables and wires hidden, and we can even bring all your devices together in one single remote control.

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