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Internet Connection Letting You Down?

A quality antenna installation will give you the best quality uninterrupted reception possible for your television, but it doesn’t help your internet!

Accessing the internet from your home of office is no longer just a luxury. For most people, especially for business purposes, being connected to the internet has become as essential to everyday life as having electricity. Unfortunately, the connection we need is not always available.

If you’re having trouble getting reliable quality internet, try these tips

It’s worth mentioning the obvious first! Physical cables. Not everyone connects to the internet using a wireless technology such as WiFi. If you are connecting to the internet using physical cables, check that they are plugged in correctly! Even if you are using wireless technology it’s worth checking that someone hasn’t unplugged the router and that your wireless network hardware is plugged in correctly and switched on.

Another quick check that’s worthwhile is whether it’s the actual website you’re viewing that’s down for some reason. This is possible, so do a quick check of a few popular websites to see if they are down. If so, it’s almost certain to be a problem with your internet.

One more check is to make sure each computer in your network has its own separate IP address. Conflicting IP addresses can prohibit quality internet connectivity. We can also make sure you have the correct antenna installation for the best possible television reception.

If this doesn’t solve your internet problems, we are just a phone call away! We’ll come to your home or office anywhere on the Gold Coast to diagnose and fix internet connection problems. Our specialist can also install or set up the internet for your entire house.

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ASAP have solutions for every size home and household, to ensure your internet connection is as reliable and strong as possible whatever time of day or night you need it.

If you are using internet to watch your smart tv, we can make sure you get the best possible reception with a professional antenna installation.

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